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King's Game Shenanigans

King's Game Shenanigans We've finally reached the epitome of gaming!13 mns ago/tv/ on using a Death Note 31 mns ago"Stop this misogynistic meme!

Hell or High Water

Hell or High Water SCP Comp N.015 ~ More Religions and Deities Edition 9 mns agoZone of the Enders - Beyond The Bounds 10 mns agoWhat crazy things do YOU do?

Gran Torino is best old man

Gran Torino is best old man The Four Elements Specialized, Non-benders 9 snds agoDabartievi Idor Wocharyind 12 mns agoWhite Hand of Isengard on a French Army AMX-10 RC.13 mns ago7.

Ken M on Cleanliness

Ken M on Cleanliness When the little old lady doesn't throw any bird seed your way 15 mns agoThe Life of a Plague Doctor Part 2 18 mns agoUpgrade yo weapon arts today with the powah of red coppah!43 mns agoKittens swim up to fishermen for rescue.

Fembot makes good points

Fembot makes good points But how about I do.anyway?

God I Love this Fight

God I Love this Fight If you name them, you get attached 19 hrs agoGYPSYDUDE OUTTA MAH WAY I GOT GARBAGE 18 hrs agoLesbian couple gets 20yrs jail for torturing their son 15 hrs agoGetting Sleepy With Tomboy Osanajimi 23 hrs agoDon't let anything keep you down!19 hrs agoAaron Paul went to Disneyland 15 hrs agoFallout 3 and 4 differences 18 hrs ago