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Toonhole - High speed Ínternet

Toonhole - High speed Ínternet how is life treating you?K.

D&D Rules Fuckery

2296: How many times must a man look up before he can really see the sky?The sky is approximately 30, 000 feet high (assuming the part we see is somewhere in the upper reaches of thetroposphere) and nearly six miles across.

Valentine's Day gifts

Valentine's Day gifts my mom told me that in high school sheuse to get boyfriends at the beginning ofFebruary so they had enough time toget: her a valentines day gift and thenbreak up with them the day after andjust keep the gift and one clay she toldher parents about it and they made herkeep her boyfriend at least until the endof February and so she did and that boyis now my dad

Anon was weird in high school

Anon was weird in high school Anonymous 14 February 2017 ' Tuesday.5: 45 PM inThis reminds me of a time I was in highschoolaround with my friend in PLC (Basicallyfind some other friends outside one of the restrooms against the wall2-" Dude this guy went in there and has stayed in there for like 9 minutes.


THICC NOW IN HD Not so good trash but happy trash 20 hrs agoThe stupid are now poor stupid 22 hrs agoShowing Their True Colors 21 hrs agoMy Dad Can Beat up Your Dad 20 hrs agoCNN: "DON'T SAY IT'S FAKE NEWS!" 19 hrs agoRandom interesting facts for y'all 18 hrs ago4CHAN IS TAKING BACK THE MEMES 17 hrs agoGeorge Takei deletes Twitter poll 23 hrs agoDay Without Immigrants, You're Fired!

Some cool info stuff

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High capacity assault leg

High capacity assault leg Stick em with the pointy end 20 hrs agoI'm a simple person.probably stupid.