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It's-a Me, Asshole.

It's-a Me, Asshole. Hey guys, the reception on my last comic was such a step up from my first, just wanna say thank you so much!The whole point of this project is to improve my drawing while having some fun.

Robot has a lifehack

Robot has a lifehack 5 Anonymous 02/ 03/' 17( Fri) : 43hey did you know that ifyou stroke this part of yourpillow just right that it feelslike a girl' s hair218 KB PNGDeeply '.View Thread H;5 Anonymous0210311 7( Fri) fim 21730 598I don' t know what a girl' s hair feels like soI' ll take your word for it.

Crazy, How do nature do that

Crazy, How do nature do that Hey GuysI'm looking for that one webm with the Scene From SVTFOE where Marco asks Star: "Since When do you know a Spying spell" and then the jojo music starts and To be continuend comes to the screen.It was posted here like 3 days ago but I can't find it.

Why don't you fuck off Amy!

Why don't you fuck off Amy! Verizon HE 3: 00 PM thy.Hey sweetie it' s Amy!