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Incest is wincest, right?

Incest is wincest, right? You're all welcome for this masterpiece 18 snds agoThis cutie braving her very first car ride 6 mns agoHave you tried this with your gf?6 mns agoFinally found one of them pokey man things ya'll talk about 31 mns agoJust a thought on Islam (feel free to leave your opinion) 40 mns ago

Mars is back on the menu boys!

Mars is back on the menu boys! Second time unlucky for JohnnyDepp' s ex Amber Heard as she splitsfrom Paypal billionaire Elon MuskBy CAROLINE GRAHAM FOR THE ON SUNDAYPUBLISHED: 22: 42 BST, 5 August 2017 I UPDATED: 00: 52 BST, 6 August 2017Her marriage to Pirates Of TheCaribbean star Johnny Depp nefariouslyimploded when she accused him ofbeating her upAnd it appears actress Amber Heard hasbeen unlucky in leve yet again, afterbeing dumped by her billionaireboyfriend.Heard, 31, is 'devastated' after techtween Elon Musk ended their yearlongromance, Last night a source told TheMail on Sunday: '' s all over betweenAmber and Elon and she' s devastated.

Anon is an Alt-Right

Anon is an Alt-Right i Anonymouspay no attention topoliticsmom heardabout '' on the21 KB JPG newsto think that I ama member of the even though shedoesn' t really know what it isto think it is some sort ofmovement about gay rightslitterally no idea how she got thisimpressionsshe keeps giving me newspaper clippingsabout gay peopleweeps telling visitors that her son is an altright gay helper and they never sayanything about itshe makes dinner she puts iton an 'alt right dinner plate' which is a platewith the gay flag on, and all the foodpushed to the right side of the platethe food slides to the left side she getsmad at me and calls me ungratefulcreeps trying to make me go on a datewith gay people to discuss alt right politicshelp

it's time for some major changes at FJ

I HEARD THERE WERE A LOT OF COMPLAINTS ABOUT THE CONTENT NOT BEING "GOOD" HERE that they were too "political" and had too much stuff about "Trump" So here's what I'm going to do to fix it: #1 I made a button that lets you vote up stuff you like #2 I made a button that lets you vote down stuff you like This will involve "CROWD SOURCING" and "HUMAN-AI" and "PROGRESSIVE METHODS" Thanks guys!