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/pol/ on sad trannies

/pol/ on sad trannies dew m: Ext mmg (345 KB, 770x415)2:; - 33082 34772Transgender 'Girl' Saddened and She: ked That Straight Boys Aren' t interested in Herwe make it illegal to not go en at least a first date when transgender is confirmed?Can we call itthe Give A Girl A Try Act?

Poland wishes he had some Burgers

Poland wishes he had some Burgers 218 KB JPGif I only lived in US I could eat hamburger with a juicybeef and a dozen of great vegetables but I was born inthis fucking shithole and have to eat something thatdoesnt even look like a food, in US even dogs get betterfood than poles.kill me someone please

Welcome to the Club

Welcome to the Club The voice of Samurai "Six-pack, All-Wrath" Jack 23 hrs agoJust me trying to edit stuff 20 hrs agoHe did it the absolute madman 22 hrs agoIt's in black and white because colours are triggering 21 hrs agoPoland wishes he had some Burgers 23 hrs agoHow to win in every debate 03/26/2017

Anon argues for pot legalisation

Anon argues for pot legalisation Jackie Chan gets an Oscar 23 hrs agoAnon pretends to be a girl in an MMO 20 hrs agoRobot feels parental pride at last.18 hrs ago/v/ explains how to properly enjoy things 22 hrs agoMonday's Cute Things - 27/3/2017 12 hrs agoWorld's First Monster Truck Front Flip 21 hrs ago