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you dun messed up

you dun messed up You can' t use a red pen on a tesol!Yes, yes, perfect, PERFECT.

Hard Red pill to swallow

Hard Red pill to swallow So my class was talking about this man and the more deeper i did my research the more i have realized that he was literally hitlerHe started slaughtering whites who held political power in his country, Just like hitler did to the jews.He would Necklace people which was a worse method of execution than the gas chambers.

Anon tastes oneitis' pee

Anon tastes oneitis' pee File:.(21 KB, 250x209)restudying with ileitis in libraryirn gun he go to the washroom: anew“memes back a senile of minutes latermyself and go into the samewashroompee all layer the seat and lap it upwe sit back down with herMewhen we' re leaving she says "we see, gotta use the bathroom"I-" did you just go?