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Anon can't figured out why he was banned.

Anon can't figured out why he was banned. So, I got banned for 48 hours from meltfor "" at the exacttime I downloaded the picture of thealien or whatever.This might be mywith post ever made and We been alurker since 05.

goku`s a dick

goku`s a dick Meanwhile, in the western world 22 hrs agoHave XCom 2, Haven't Tried It Yet 22 hrs agowhere they burn books, soon they burn people 23 hrs agoBoy that escalated quickly.22 hrs ago"It was just a prank, bro" 20 hrs agobeing the lawbringer be like 23 hrs agoYou were definitely asking for it, fool.

Politifact Stumped the Trump

Politifact Stumped the Trump The National Debt in my first month went down by the billion."Donald Trump an Saturday, February 25th, 2: 31?

If You're Interested

If You're Interested Verizon ''lri' i' 10: 50 PMBen KaplanMessageToday 10119 PMMy friend has 2 tickets for theSUPER BOWL, both box seats.Hepaid , 500 for each ticket, but hedidn' t realize last year when hebought them, that it was going tobe the same day of his wedding.

Satou Origin part 2

Satou Origin part 2 /pol/ack on race as a social construct 22 hrs agoa female human.humanetress 22 hrs agoFuturama Shooting Stars Edit 21 hrs agoThat’s kind of an insensitive question 22 hrs agoWhen you have amazing situational awareness.