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Illegal Alien has a breakdown

123 comments share save hide give gold reportt H: 21 points 1 day agoSo if you' re undocumented do you pay taxes?icke-imk embed save report cloist' gold replypoints 11 hours agob Why should we pay taxes exactly?

Aaand, boom goes the dynomite.

So story as far as i know.Guy has grenade and makes threat with grenade.

islam comp: Happy birthday 4u edition.

islam comp: Happy birthday 4u edition. The monument was erected by Queen Elizabeth in 1994 and is made out of bronze and granite angled slabs that have water trickling down it.The two slabs represent both Britain and Canada and there are maple leaves inserted into the two slabs as well as the country’s coat of arms.

The Dwarves Review (The Gamers Lounge)

The Dwarves Review (The Gamers Lounge) There is something about stubborn-headed Orc-slaying and having an affinityfor beard growing that I find respectable.This craving is certainly filledwith this game, even with its many glaring flaws.