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seems i got dragged back in.

seems i got dragged back in. I want a game where the can he fat!"I want a pleat that doesn' t revolve mound chancel"I want a game that doesn' t treat my character different if Iplay as a woman.

Cry you a sweater

Cry you a sweater vs we rt:the boy cries ye a sweater-a tears.end ye kill himI can' t believe this doesn' t havemore mates like this is a toastierspongebob reference, this is alevel of spongebob humor that Ican' t even hope to achieve in mylifetimeHow in the hell?

Jack's dad was based

Jack's dad was based Click to block a category: crixuz prev nextrandomComment PrevTopNextComment >kid sees you kill people>can't tell him killing is bad, because you did it and he might have to do it himself one day to protect those he holds dear>can't tell him it was the right thing to do, because will mess him up even worse>can't tell him it was for the family or the kingdom or for the greater good, because that might turn him into a fanatic>decide to stress the importance of free choice, culpability, and the virtue (and the responsibility that comes with it) of being an individualMention History prev next