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I hate this because it's not about ME

I hate this because it's not about ME shared Buzzfeed' s post.but they' re all pale and pretty and WHITE!

If you're feeling bad..

If you're feeling bad.. Kotuckoke Etolsua Avoncem 20 hrs agoGod I Wish That Were Me: Marvel Edition 14 hrs ago/pol/ on interracial dating 14 hrs agoBest of Twitter Comp (Pt 10) 23 hrs agoIt hungers for more trash 5 hrs agoMonster Fact Comp: The Return of the King 19 hrs agoSteve Irwin's Son on the Tonight Show 14 hrs agoUS charity worker freed after 3yrs in Egyptian detention 21 hrs agoawkward teacher/student moments 12 hrs ago

/pol/ is tired of degeneracy.

/pol/ is tired of degeneracy. Cl i hate degenerates so muchAnonymous (ID: )22747300 :: 22747642alright Itself, there are many MANYdegenerates around me and i hate themso much, what should i do?should i takeactions or should i immigrate to west?

London Mayor defines "hate crime"

London Mayor defines "hate crime" 5 Anonymous (ID: E '.)Paki Mayor of London has now set up aspecial task force for the policedepartment specifically to deal withfacebook, twitter and youtube comments.

Well ain't that dandy

Well ain't that dandy When Hillary makes excuses 12 mns agoYoutube is removing Annotations :( 13 mns agoThis is getting a bit out of hand.13 mns agoWhen Gypsydude starts a family 16 mns agoYou should see the doctor 20 mns agoWhale gets called out on 4chan 22 mns agoPlay the role that's most natural 24 mns agoDmitri the Foreign Exchange student 29 mns agoAfter recruiting the Great Khans 35 mns ago