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Why has Sweden's crime rate skyrocketed?

Why has Sweden's crime rate skyrocketed? Hidden trash within us all 23 hrs agoStory Time- Awkward Bathroom Adventures 18 hrs agoHow to run DOOM on Porsche 911 21 hrs agoToast n' Ted - R E A L I T Y 02/20/2017big reveal - imagnet comic 21 hrs agoWhen a girl approaches me 17 hrs agoRacism Simulator Extension 21 hrs agoWho's a good gun, you are 21 hrs ago

Media Trust has Died

Media Trust has Died The MSM already dominates the 'left' of the playing field.In addition, as stated earlier, 51% of their viewership's trust comes from Democrats.

Wilders has been compromised.

Wilders has been compromised. Geert Wilders, leader of the Dutch Party for Freedom (PVV) is a politician known for his anti-islamic rhetoric.For this he has been getting death threats for over a decade and he's on the hitlist of al qaeda for a while (see image below)For these reasons, he has been guarded in safe houses with around the clock protection for over a decade.

Dragons depictions over our timeline

Dragons depictions over our timeline pussy pass DENIED painfully 16 hrs agoTrash filled with failed dreams 12 hrs agoHow to Survive in Australia 21 hrs agoJustin's Wholesome Memes/Comics #25 12 hrs agoMust've been a crowded area.14 hrs agoIf Tolkien was still alive 13 hrs agousing the clapping emojis is racist 18 hrs agoBEACH EPISODE IN MY DRAGON MAID!

Copyright the sound of breathing

Copyright the sound of breathing John Cages 4' 33"Adamo: -rs =HIEThis -Adan enslave.pert}.

CNN Leaks are here!

CNN Leaks are here! To avoid being accused of selective editing, the footage/audio is all raw.And James O'Keefe is having a blast taunting CNN over the release.