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Jesus Does Not Approve

Jesus Does Not Approve The Snark on this guy is EPIC.22 hrs agoDeclare ANTIFA a terrorist organization 23 hrs agoFlat Earth=1 Everyone Else=0 21 hrs agoto love like mother earth 23 hrs agoTrump Travel Ban Is Completely Legal 20 hrs agoYou're the special kind of trash ;D 9 hrs agoWATCH THOSE WRIST ROCKETS!

Hunyts Hupu Votov Tecioty

Hunyts Hupu Votov Tecioty You're the special kind of trash ;D 23 hrs agoThe Fully story(Starbucks) 22 hrs ago1 year after saving that kid 19 hrs agoLanguages Spoken In America 22 hrs agoconvince 10 year old she has mental diso 21 hrs agoCanadian M777 howitzer in action 19 hrs agolet's make this immediately about race.23 hrs agoYou are the Skittles to my MRE 21 hrs ago/fit/izen sneaks a picture 23 hrs agoA Tale of Two Rulers Part 78 23 hrs agoFJ: "My Longest Yeahhh Boiiiiiiiii Ever" 20 hrs ago

Happy Birthday to YOU!

We have an update we think you’ll be happy to hear … get ready to wish each other Happy Birthday in the Forums & with your Minis.We know there have been some unhappy Birthday people lately, and that just won’t do.

Justin's Wholesome Memes/Comics #19

Justin's Wholesome Memes/Comics #19 Leonidas didn't die for this.22 hrs agowhat do you think it was for 23 hrs agoWhose Line is it Anyway?

Step1 to becoming Sweden

Step1 to becoming Sweden Home "Newsmotion passes inOntario Legislaturemoon INNESTORONTO - The Canadian PressPublished Friday, Feb.24, 7: ESTLast updated Friday, Feb.