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It’s Widow’s B-Day

It’s Widow’s B-Day A story about admins soundtrack 17 hrs agoOh.sorry about that.

Warhammer 40k comp to keep the inquisition happy

Warhammer 40k comp to keep the inquisition happy WMD (Weapons of meme destruction) 20 hrs agoHistorical photos part 1776 20 hrs agoStolen from chrisraygun's twitter 20 hrs agoAre you uncomfortable yet?part 8 21 hrs agoVehicle superlatives (biggest, smallest, etc.

Japans perspective on America

Japans perspective on America Because who cares about the actual story amirite?13 hrs ago/k/ommando goes to Subway 19 hrs agoThe Red Pill: the truth---nothing more 19 hrs agoFantasy Characters In Contemporary Clothes 14 hrs agoBeing fat is a HUGE privilege 12 hrs agoTerguattum Siveng Huisheaga 15 hrs agoSomeone's probably already made this 21 hrs agoThis behavior is praised at colleges.

Take a hint guys

Take a hint guys Starter Pack '.The "Bee is Corning over" starterpackIt makes me happy krumping that we have an entire subgroup oftwitter ween that prepare ennui freshly an pinapple for theirother before they visit.

Secret of Male Happiness

Secret of Male Happiness One Piece art in 82,000 Minecraft blocks.4 mns agoHeroes of the Storm: Genji Spotlight 6 mns agoReality is not a strong point of the left 17 mns agoNot being French I want to know 17 mns agoThe Great Meme War - The Battle for France 18 mns agoLocal Sperit Gets Destroyed 19 mns agoHand-Holding At The Wrong Place & Time 21 mns agoI put the "pimp" in pimples 22 mns agoA Leaf illustrates environmental racism.