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Thomas Edison, Boy Genius

Thomas Edison, Boy Genius "But How Come His Posts Get Upovoted And Mine Don't!" - 23 hrs ago/pol/ack on the incoming Third World War 20 hrs agoWhat a real pussy looks like 23 hrs agoThese shows are still going on 21 hrs agoSidon thinks you're the best and so do I 22 hrs agoYou think being obese is cute?

The important post of the day

The important post of the day basket of kittens happens‘clogs step what they' re clawing tea watch kittens‘humans stop what they' re doing to watch ' watching L: : tens*users step what they' re clawing to watch humans watch drags watch WaaiNBA steps what its daring to watch turne:: Lr users watch humans watch mags watching kittens‘

Well ain't that dandy

Well ain't that dandy When Hillary makes excuses 12 mns agoYoutube is removing Annotations :( 13 mns agoThis is getting a bit out of hand.13 mns agoWhen Gypsydude starts a family 16 mns agoYou should see the doctor 20 mns agoWhale gets called out on 4chan 22 mns agoPlay the role that's most natural 24 mns agoDmitri the Foreign Exchange student 29 mns agoAfter recruiting the Great Khans 35 mns ago