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yet another games memes dump

yet another games memes dump MFW I return to work after a week off and have 992 emails 1 mn agoPANZERKAMPFWAGEN SCHADENFREUDE!1 mn agoThe New Hitman Game Looks Great 5 mns agoEvery bunny was Kung Fu Fighting 16 mns agoPolitical Correctness Game 18 mns agoHow Germans See American Beer 22 mns agoMyths That Black People Believe Debunked 25 mns agoMy phone judges me on my fetishes 33 mns ago

Anon has a terrible dick

Anon has a terrible dick E Anonymous 07/ ( Fri) 15: 45: 25Anyone else here have a terrible dick?I have about an inch and a half ofcircumcision scarring, hair that goesmore halfway up the shaft, a crackedhead and follicles where hair never grew59 KB we out of, but they' re still visible so they looklike an std, The only consolation is that atthe very least it' s about average in terms of size.