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Anon's dad is in the industry

Anon's dad is in the industry No.728488738 29 minutes agoJPG 37.

Truth for Nice Guys

Truth for Nice Guys The racist computers of the future 22 hrs ago300 Spartans Vs 8,000 Zombies 18 hrs agoThe Regressive Left in a Nutshell 22 hrs agoAnon Deciphers Luke's Cryptic Message 22 hrs agoWholesome Compilation for dndxplain 8 hrs agoAnon talks about his childhood 22 hrs agoFear does not equal reality 18 hrs agoWhen you don't have any armor but you need the XP 11 hrs agoWhen attention whoring fails.19 hrs agoAnon writes som Shakespeareian level poetry 11 hrs agoNO ONE PLAYS D&D LIKE GASTON 21 hrs ago

Malcom in the Middle

Malcom in the Middle Oldies but goodies:Korean comics.23 hrs agoAnon tries a social experiment 23 hrs agoHow game developers think shotguns work 16 hrs agoComedians speak the truth 22 hrs agoHer Eyes Tell a Beautiful Story 22 hrs agoI don't remember Watchdogs being this dark 17 hrs agoDon't do school, stay on drugs kids.


Racial BS that TOTALLY OCCURRED. So I was on the train today and these two blackguys were having a conversation not even thatloud and said "nigga" like once when this whitelady turns around and says "How do you thinkMLK Jr.would feel about you using that kind oflanguage" and one of the guys snaps back andsaid "idk maybe if your people didn' t shoot himI would know"who ' ' fall this?

Anon's military story

Anon's military story We told this story befire an here, but I think you guys will We itUSMC riflemanAfghanistansget billets as gre nastier.have to lug arsenal a fucking 32 because aware my we hurtdeceptions newwaet can about a VBIE ( IED)Ed out an patrol tn investigatetruck obviosuly out with weight sitting under a treeleader say' s than gotta be it, tells me to just blew it the fuck uplaunch a grenade, l by like 20 meters because We rely used this thing beforeWEED DAMMIT ANON YOU BOOT SHITBAG FUCK WHY THE FUCK DC) YOU EVEN HAVE THAT FUCKING THING F YOU CAN' T SHOOT IT"sass is getting chewedat Insult in shame, spaghetti falling nut as my mp [stenchsame fucking guy fall out of treestands can trust:struck fucking blows upsilty missed shot scared the guy in the tree mm the remote detenator far the l/ BIOlet me keep the Transformer Killer

Take a hint guys

Take a hint guys Starter Pack '.The "Bee is Corning over" starterpackIt makes me happy krumping that we have an entire subgroup oftwitter ween that prepare ennui freshly an pinapple for theirother before they visit.