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Anon's theory on why some men prefer traps

Theory: I think the reasen traps seem attractive m modern guys is bceause they simply act and dress likesubmissive WOMEN.The reasen why this is such a big deal is be modem day women dress end actextremely unattractive and ''dominant" and itjust turns guys eff.

Anon looked for a flatmate

Anon looked for a flatmate Anonymousity: ) (/ 13( Thu).495651108 Replies: 22495552135guys, i need a feels thread.

Guess What Day it is

Guess What Day it is A vending machine inside a school 1 mn agoTodoroki and Kirishima’s party trick 3 mns agoI Think I Read a Doujin Like This 4 mns ago"I don't want to feel empathy for white people." 6 mns agoEncouragement can mean the world 6 mns agoDank Anime Weebms Part 103:Puffy JoJo and Gays 7 mns agoShadow Warrior Free on Humble 14 mns agobasically the entire game 18 mns agoDoing Side Quests in an RPG 22 mns agoFREE shadowwarrior special Editon 24 mns agoAnon turns an autistic kid into a heat-seeking missile 25 mns agoHot Ones w/ Cara Delevingne 29 mns agoTucker Carlson embarrasses John Stewart On Cross-Fire 32 mns agoAnon gives r2d2 the time of his life 39 mns ago