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This reddit guy reealy needs some help

This reddit guy reealy needs some help IIN/ wife and I soldour wedding and engagement rings tobuy guns and gun training courses.Atheiswon' t let them take our ethnic neighborssome day.

The Original Doom shotgun

The Original Doom shotgun The display case at id Software' s.emcee deriding the try gun that wasdigitized ital '.

Lube the gas chamber

Lube the gas chamber I Anonymous DEW )I read a simple gun cleaning guide on the that said "lube all moving pans ALL OF THEM"later that day I encountered a post on Ad that mentioned avoiding tubing the gas chamber.Basu 'r:on , 1% slugga( 17 we 402x402, "leage.

Snowflake buys a gun

Snowflake buys a gun I reposted this for the commentary 20 mns agoJust looking for my underwear 44 mns agoEastern vs Western Feminism.48 mns agoWhen You Find Out A God Exists 55 mns agoWhat's there a ton of in heaven?

antique roadshow memes, the finale

antique roadshow memes, the finale Women are funny get over it 6 mns agoFormulas and their explanations 7 mns ago"Prepare yourself monster" 8 mns agoSalty's VG Soundtracks N64 11 mns agoThe trans-epidemic is caused by chemicals 11 mns agoIs this the most savage redpilling ever?38 mns agoSo I heard being people are freaked out when I do this 40 mns agohow every ork argument ends 1 hr agoSo much for robot rights :( 1 hr agoI guess he wanted to get blown 1 hr agoWhat the Tour de France does to your legs 2 hrs ago

Anon tastes oneitis' pee

Anon tastes oneitis' pee File:.(21 KB, 250x209)restudying with ileitis in libraryirn gun he go to the washroom: anew“memes back a senile of minutes latermyself and go into the samewashroompee all layer the seat and lap it upwe sit back down with herMewhen we' re leaving she says "we see, gotta use the bathroom"I-" did you just go?