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/fit/izen got a girlfriend

/fit/izen got a girlfriend Cl Anonymous ( Mort) : 45 vBrahs, I think it might be the creatine talking, but I think ajust might have when a gteat a partygetting slammedihavent been drinkingdoing arm wrestlingwe goodagirl wants takein inHells mete show her my strengthspat her in a headlock and choke her OUT.Make her phone and add in my shes passed outThinking i' ll pick her up this friday, wish me Mic-

Anon's experience with double penetration

Anon's experience with double penetration emails with using maid kitArassive ass play with gtapul dildo at my dick up ' s assstart inciting her other hammy dict rubbing against copy of my dick inside gtggf is going nuts and naming all ever the placesheep being distracted by the feeling of my disk rubbing against its doneMao distracted in enjoy itat is going nutsMakes me an haunt: cumhabit collapses and I pull my dime from her assspasms and tails asleep, my cum leaking out of herwe watch Neti% and try to get the weirdness of feeling my dick rub against my dick out of my he adAnd that' s my with tip

Robot gets an online gf

Robot gets an online gf Anonymous ) ita: 54: 24 Nty.38919883pathetic women storiesyears agoffind gt in my country milessshe' s a fat fuck like myself, don' tmindschitty personality though203 KB PNG ttell her I want to lose weight, ask ifshe wants to join in for motivationanduinwho says no, 2 months later tells every mutualfriend I raped her and deletes and blocks meeverywhereblast monthwho adds me on facebook, her job is being aliteral horse shit cleaner, still fat as fuckashes really salty and passive aggressive with mel didn' t even initiate shit)aask her why she' s being so bitchyAll throughout my teens, I was uncomfortableabout my body because of YOUR daily BULLYINGand forcing me to exercise, this is just myNATURAL SHAPE, weight loss is a soam"aask her how she thinks I lost weighttushe rants on about how ) U' RE RICHYOUR "DEGREE" SO YOU CAN AFFORD TO EATHEALTHYI had a hearty chuckle

Guy shares insane list of relationship 'rules'

Guy shares insane list of relationship 'rules' plane.i, Ety, til's, we are Anywai_.

When Inquisitor Kysnaro finds out who Bjorn is

When Inquisitor Kysnaro finds out who Bjorn is > Dead for centuries> Entombed in a walking raping coffin of death> Getting rather annoyed by everyone always kneeling like you're some sort of saint> Finally an Inquisitor shows up who takes **** from no one, doesn't know you and refuses to kneel when others around you already bent the knee> Finally a normal conversation with someone who doens't think you're above everyone else just because you met some powerful dude in the past.> MFW he finally realizes who you are