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That boy grew up to be Stephen Hawking

That boy grew up to be Stephen Hawking We didn' t have any, buther twin brother has - blood.I explained to him that it was a matter of lifeand death.

Anon plays a game

Anon plays a game r' troll AREMaleAgeStraightGrew up eerywhere in themiddle class playing tons ofvideo gamesintellegencebut an underachieverRacist to some degree117660493" 1904.pngSE: KB PNGUPI ifWrong faggot, i' m not mildly racist i' m just racist.


WAS BORN THIS WAY I grew up with a gay mom way back before lesbians were cool.I marched in Pride parades back when they were about respect and human dignity, and not behaving like sex criminals in public.

China's economic growth

China's economic growth China' s second quarter growth beatsexpectations at 6.9%Business f.

A plea to common sense

A plea to common sense filii Begun.CCAII am a Nigerian from black Africa - I grew up thinking that the white race aregodly, godlike , super intelligent and domineering " The white man is highlyrespected as performer colonial masters - but today that' s not the case , thewhite race are gradually self destructing as a specie.

I know what im doing

I know what im doing Best Halloween Story Everif TEARS ABC?I grew up in a college town,and one Halloween ourdoorbell rang and weopened the door expectingto seewhat was in front of ouropen anotherdoor!