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So I can get my- Satisfaction

So I can get my- Satisfaction File: emmanuelle seigneur_ _ (118 KB, 1200x793)eat a birthday partyFriend is reallybig opposite of me and has a shitload Friends in his houseeever 30 peoplewwhy the fuck would we invite ever 30 people to yew house fer a birthday party when yourewell everey years oldaanywaymyself most ofthe time, in ene ofthe resins and start playing vidya en she of his consolesea few people pop in and em ofthe room, just checking whe' s thereEventually seme girl semes to the reem and plops down en the couch newts meHoink nothing of itHaen she starts leaning en meHell harte stop doing thatsshe' s in seem stateastards bitching about somethingmay attention to herblotching intensifieswhe is now yellingmmy eardrums are en the verge of being shatteredmet my hand en top of her mouth and tell her to just get the fuck em ofthe reemEyes wide she nods frantically and gets outmet five minutes in 2 guys cemo in and tell me I shouldnt have done somethingmet up the couchH tower ever both of them by at least fifteen ten incheseerie ofthem gees out fer mere backupEventually people, and my friend whe invited me, shew up and start asking what' s going onHhe girl claims I tried to fuck her but she ran awayHhe 2 guys say they came to confront memmy leeks at thembasks them ifthat' s what really happenedHhe girl is nodding like mad, and I can see a gleam in thefucking retarded brown eye that she' s gleeful about itmmy friend slaps the cuntHells her to get the fuck outHells these 2 guys as wellvwhen they start crying like bitches I back up my friend with several other peopleHhe girl says she' s gonna call the cepsruiend finally says "go en.tell them hew you were almost fucked by a gay dude, let' s see hew well that goes"Heem gees silentHunts leave the partyappend the rest ofthe night with my friend having me

your waifu is a shit

your waifu is a shit This ain' t really a donut steel, but still weirds me out-Pplaying L) ) wont remembering edition)Hm playing a barbarianas brawler.and the ability's take flurry of blows as a featHm no powerhouse, but I can do some decent damage.

Sounds Like He Would Fit In With FJ

Sounds Like He Would Fit In With FJ I Anonymous / 15( Tue) ija_ -913211542132133 3: #:2131353 : -vii 321 3192 : -vii 321 SEE #:2132145?Sstill want women and not trapsAre you fix king retarted?

Soldier domination lines for OW heroes

Soldier domination lines for OW heroes Big deal, Merasmus craps nut worse an Taco Tuesday!Hiroshima!

You can never leave, anon

You can never leave, anon Ll Anonymous (( Sat) : 26 No/ 35276201 [Reply].I was so fucking close to losing my virginity and leaving this board RHEEwe memeta as fuck but average lookingmanage to get quiet girl' s phone gsshe invites me overbbuy condomlesson door and her dad answersclitoral fucking linebackerNets me in though, go to her roomHer room is all fucking painted blacksshe is sitting therehelose door and we begin furiously making outmull out my condomless and get ready to plow her like a john doesshe gets nude, and i do toospuddenly her dad barges in asking if we want something to eatwees me nakedrespect him to be madwees my dick and laughsmmom semes in too and laughsgirl asks mete leaveTil get angry and yell at her dad to take off his pantstthey laugh even harderand runfuck those cunts

anon performs home defense

anon performs home defense Cl Ananymous ) ttritt.awry time autists6" redneckwethe talking full blown, , Taman redneckMave it miles Wm nearest human and IO miles hem nearest tawnwaatching shitty reality TV she eveningsstarr naked his Texan summers and my wakie ass can' t afford AK)aat about ll pm, hear car pulling up in drivewayjpgem win dow, see Witter Toyota severed in graffititeenagers in what I' m guessing was supposed ts be "scary'' slown attire file embrutall string sf vandalism in meal news, lightbulb gees elfrials, threw en nearest pair sf beets and quietly gs em back deermetart slowly circling amend trailer heping is catch the little faggets in the actear seine indistinct talking can side sweetie mine, figures it' s my chanceadraen atcually jump out with rifle up and start thinking sf samething imposing to say like ‘wan die?

Anon has a musical gf

Anon has a musical gf File:.png (55?

NOPE comp repost and probably return.

I don't know if many people remember these, but these are what made me join Funnyjunk to begin with.Quick little horror stories from experiences people have had that have freaked them out.