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Gaming: Major new features of DirectX® 12 | Community

Gaming: Major new features of DirectX® 12 | Community As the PC graphics industry continues down the path of low-overhead graphics APIs, today I wanted to bring you some new details on two significant features of DirectX® 12.In contrast, DirectX® 12 Async Shaders supercharge work completion in a compatible AMD Radeon™ GPU by interleaving these tasks across multiple threads to shorten overall render time.

Gaming: It's never been a better time to upgrade! | Community

If you’re unsure whether now’s the time to purchase an R9 Series graphics card, you needn’t worry.Armed with Mantle, AMD TrueAudio technology and the recently refreshed Never Settle Forever game bundle, the AMD Radeon™ R9 Series graphics cards offer the performance and value in every segment from $179.