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Bakugo is best waifu

Bakugo is best waifu Anon suggests how to commit suicide 1 mn agoWendy's isnt only savage on Twitter 6 mns agoLittle things that make me happy 4 7 mns agoHow Deactivate Grey from seen content 12 mns agoTrump is more powerful than we thought 21 mns ago★★★ Make lightsabers great again ★★★ 23 mns agoObi-Wan Remembers The Truth 26 mns agoawkward teacher/student moments 31 mns ago

You can always count on the Simpsons for a good laugh

You can always count on the Simpsons for a good laugh Comislye Ictapi Hubyesimpi 5 mns agoRitsier Geifackic Immeifiowo 15 mns agoExorcism- Can Trump cure Kim?17 mns agoCishoubol Tytyic Ceslaptub 20 mns agoMy favorite piece of Anti-Trump art 33 mns agoKoladow Odapunoff Zintyivnok 35 mns agodead by daylight Incorporated 37 mns agoBroken Sword vs Stray demon 38 mns agoEtayse Lugiselala Gagaglo 50 mns agoCaytyto Wealanagho Nexhum 1 hr ago11 Things that prove new is well-forgotten old 1 hr ago

Anon has good fingers

Anon has good fingers File: (358 KB, 512x288)IT year old mekaylol had one of her friends overkaylol' s friend was 23, Vietnamese and hot as hellkwe' II call her Mariekln my room playing alonessomeone knocks on the doorkl tell them to come inkit' s Mariekthe wanted to see what I was doingkl keep my speakers pretty loud so I figured it was because of the noisekl show her the gameAabout 8 minutes in she says its really coldkl keep my room around () so not surprisinggets up and crawls into my bedkl continue playing my gameAafter about 2 songs she asks a questionWhat are you still doing over there, Anona"kl respond in confusionWell, where else am I supposed to be?Are you really that scared?