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Op is a faggot

Op is a faggot they think a a closet faggot thatsabout to commit suicidettry to explain that the reason We neverhad a is because a spaztthey' re trying to hook me up with otherfagsggo full 88Brant about how being gay is unnaturaland it should be eradicated ect ecttthey think i just dont want to come out ofthe closet because scaredflickmylife.pngThis brings us to right now, how do iconvince them not gay.

I love ya, you little shit

I love ya, you little shit ( ) HAPPY AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT ( ) 4 mns agoThe Jewish Role in the "Refugee" crisis.5 mns agoRolden Tyexackick Uduachoowi 6 mns agoWhy must you hurt me like this?