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Ice Cube goes to Japan

Ice Cube goes to Japan More than 500 militants in Syria’s Homs return to civilian life 8 mns agoFalling Apart at the Seams 18 mns agoWhen you drive past the place you work on your day off 34 mns agoIn Titanfall 2, you can curve projectile-based bullets 41 mns agoWhat an Interesting Way To Play The Recorder 47 mns ago

I'm a goddamn immortal

I'm a goddamn immortal Not loot' sure ifhe actually died, but here goes:has an PE pained 1/ internt Pricea monk who based his entire stuie, both fighting and visual.on Randy Savageshouts about how has an "} DD.

Anon goes to Piggly Wiggly

Anon goes to Piggly Wiggly 119401760WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE' N'?Today I went to the Piggy Wiggly and while atthe checkout I dropped a bill.

/v/irgin goes to walmart

/v/irgin goes to walmart File: images mg (4 KB, 128x160)pic relatedNoobody has ever and I mean EVER said anything about it besides friends who knew it' s from DEeonly compliment we gotten like "that' s a cool sun it would make a great tattood.where" d ) get it" etc etcswearing it in walmart ene daysits crowded, all the registers are packedsail eta sudden make are contact with neckbeard a few registers downffuck.

Navy anon guys goes full retard

Navy anon guys goes full retard U Anonymous 04/ 07/ 17( Fri) 04: 55: 54 No.40986687File: we 0480.

Well There Goes Mars

Well There Goes Mars She' d love to get married': AmberHeard is 'planning to wed billionaireboyfriend Hon Musk and hopes tostart a family together'By EMILY CHAN FORPUBLISHED: ': , April 201?I UPDATED: 11: 19, 18 April 2017Her bitter divorce with Johnny Depp finally went through in Januarythis year.

/k/ommando goes to Subway

/k/ommando goes to Subway I Anonymous 04/ ) " 10 No.tta"blotlorris.

Daily News: Apr-22-2017

Daily News: Apr-22-2017 A rare parchment copy of the Declaration of Independence has been discovered in EnglandHarvard researchers on Friday presented their discovery of a rare parchment manuscript of the Declaration of Independence discovered in a small town in southern England last year."The Sussex Declaration," as the document has been dubbed, is believed to have been made in America in the 1780s.

Cut France some slack

Take a look at thissurrender frenchwhere is Ito white flag?Did french gearboxes, 7 gear'sti reverse, and one goes forwardsin case the enemy attacks frombehind I 'N.