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YLYL Compilation (pt.11)

YLYL Compilation (pt.11) The Sprouse is in the House118815 hrs ago Ifreltal Vaksok Ficuniradi56715 hrs ago islam comp: Merkel is to blame edition56323 hrs ago True bravery, He died so we can be free54817 hrs ago unfortunately he couldn't conquer EA.50115 hrs ago Tiger goes for a check up49522 hrs ago

Trillion: God of Destruction - PC Review | Chalgyr's Game Room

Trillion: God of Destruction - PC Review | Chalgyr's Game Room Dark, gritty and willing to take chances, Trillion: God of Destruction is an interesting strategy/RPG hybrid that sometimes struggles to find an identity but still serves up a memorable experience.Trillion won't be for everyone, but fans of JRPG or strategy games should give this one a chance.

Chronicles of Gavri review -

Chronicles of Gavri review - Gavri is a warrior of God who has been trained in the celestial combative arts in order to defeat the emperor’s army.The emperor of Nod and his subjects are godless descendants of Cain while Gavri and his family are descendants of Seth.