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Sleuth Your Way to Victory in the New Site-Wide Challenge!

Sleuth Your Way to Victory in the New Site-Wide Challenge! The Goal: Complete 50 million levels in CLUE: Secrets and Spies, Claire Heart: Soul Searcher and Sherlock Holmes before time runs out.The Prize: 25,000 tokens and this beautiful new animated Badge, which will live in your Special Edition Badges Album.

Coming Soon: Mother’s Day Site-Wide Challenge

Coming Soon: Mother’s Day Site-Wide Challenge We’re celebrating in regal fashion, with a new Site-Wide Challenge fit for a queen.We can’t tell you what the goal is yet, but let’s just say there’s a lot of fun in the cards.

Fable Card Game Fable Fortune Now on Kickstarter

Fable Legends apparently wasn't the only Fable project in the works over at Lionhead before closure.A small team of veterans from the company has brought Fable Fortune, a free-to-play collectible cards game based on the Microsoft IP, on Kickstarter, in the hopes of finishing development.

Activate the New Site-Wide Challenge Now!

In honor of Father’s Day, we’re turning mahjong into pahjong with a massive new Site-Wide Challenge.Once again, it’s up to Club Pogo Members to join forces and set another gaming record, with glory, tokens and a new animated Badge for the victors.

Videoball Review - Xbox One

Videoball Review - Xbox One You can see there’s space on the right side of the goal so you tilt and aim, but your charged shot is about to run out so you quickly fire blindly.The blue arrow saves and deflects the ball right across the arena into the back of your goal and you lose!

Clustertruck review -

Clustertruck review - In the game, your job is to jump from truck to truck until you finally reach the goal.And why are you racing along the tops, sides and bottoms of these vehicles in order to reach the goal?