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Anon gets really deep

Anon gets really deep I Anonymous 05/ 25/ 1 I ()h/ ed) 03: 02: 33 No.330301364amid virgin living at home with no friends and never go outsideMry internet dating siteawrite insane ranting message to extremely attractive girlsshe responds to my surpriseewe go out on a datesshe is completely amazingEverything I could possibly want in a personsshe seems to like me a lot as wellewe talk on the phone and text a funtimesmien second dateson day of second date she suddenly stops answering phonewind of sad, I have never met anyone like her before, likely haverhill againsmooths later realize I wasnt good enough for herpstart visiting /fit/met in shape.

Consoling a friend after their breakup

Consoling a friend after their breakup 3D printing can solve every problem 22 hrs agoNow THIS is what I call Social Justice 23 hrs agoWitches want to hex Trump 19 hrs agoStick em with the pointy end 6 hrs agoI'm a simple person.probably stupid.

/pol/ helps a trap recover

/pol/ helps a trap recover Before you go any further.wanted to tell will this since we first met.