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/fit/izens guide to manlets

/fit/izens guide to manlets probably unable to live a normal lifehave to make adjustments, go for short girls and haveother shit going for you to succeedwill still get rejected by girls who care about height a lot,otherwise life will probably be completely normal unlessyou have autism.the most insecure group on this list

I wouldn't be mad tbh

I wouldn't be mad tbh My Little Fish Cant Be This Cute 22 hrs agoOur trash will block out the sun 20 hrs agoTrump Locks the Press in the Basement 17 hrs agoGravity was on his side that day 19 hrs agoThe one thing I hate about Netflix 21 hrs agoPlumber Had The Audacity To Do His Job 23 hrs ago

Anon has wet dreams about website design

Anon has wet dreams about website design E AnonymousI never have dreams about girls, butregularly have them about top tier animeporn sites.Been this way since I was ateenager.

Hot girls flirting with robot

Hot girls flirting with robot to the store to buy some milk and cottage cheeseeon the way to the store see two beautiful blondes go insideeventually pass by them and pick up some milk and cottage cheeseego stand in line to pay upspuddenly something bumps into me, something softshear gigglingMum aroundpone of the blonde girls pushed the other blonde girl at meobit me with her boobssshe and her friend smile at meTITAL_ S" r' STEM_ SHUTDOWN]CORE' S MELTING]Hum backgget bumped at gainwon' t turn aroundtthe girl that got pushed says " stop it" while giggling to her friendtthe other girl says " do you like the boy?"sshe replies "maybe" while gigginghe' s handsome"Hm practically dying inside from anxietymmy tum to pay upHey boy" says the one that pushed meTII pay for that milk and cottage cheese if you tell us your name"moth are looking and smiling at meof just manage to break out and smile and turned aroundwands all shakingggive the cashier the moneymy milk and cottage cheeselitterally run out of the storeego back homestake a shower because of all the sweat