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I don't know if it's good or bad

So my friend told his girlfriend that the reason why other guys treat her better than him is because they haven't ****** her yet a few months ago during an argument & she left him.Last night she texted & said he was right & she wants him back.

Russian Uniforms 1900s-2017

Russian Uniforms 1900s-2017 I tried my clothes and noticed the button she had on her jacket.I asked her if she knew what it was and she said oh from a band.

This girl knows whatsup

This girl knows whatsup and nothing of value was lost 21 hrs agoExposing Child ISIS Propaganda Hoax 21 hrs agoEvery Time A Brother Graduates 21 hrs agoOPERATION SUBVERT SMERCONISH 22 hrs agothey say wenu wite u rite 23 hrs agoKEBAB DENIED!LEARN FROM US EUROPE 22 hrs agoObamacare May be Replaced with Medicare 21 hrs agoA Tale of Two Rulers Part 63 11 hrs agoDoggy and the cute squad ☕ 17 hrs agoThis is ISLAM and welcome to jackass 21 hrs ago

Anon triggers a Vietnam vet

Anon triggers a Vietnam vet visiting ITN 21 year old girlfriend in thePhilippines3: -Both spicy food fanaticsDecide to () c) n a cruise to ThailandGreat time, having sex, hanging (out, etc etcrne) thing goes wrong and there' s a one day layover inVietnamgirlfriend and I go on a walk to pass the timeWe both get our headphones out and listen to musicy playlist is mostly rock, with a few other songsAphone in hand while we walkPass fl cute old Vietnamese couplepulls ITN headphones out of ITO/ phone, ,,, i( C) T (TI/ ears, totell me she wants ice creamrei) switches to full volume just in time for "It Amt Wis“ byC) C) to start playingman from the couple looks at me in shockI triggered a Vietnam i/ l/ -' veteranThis was like 8 days ago Imam she came back with (TIE) to theStatess watching (TIC) type this789709

Girlfriend Collective readies to launch its water bottle-based leggings

Girlfriend Collective readies to launch its water bottle-based leggings Meet Girlfriend Collective, a company taking advantage of our love for spandex to the benefit of the planet.For starters, they are the only product offered by Girlfriend Collective (for now, at least).