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Chile brings the bantz

Chile brings the bantz File:.u'.

Comrade Barney gets it

Comrade Barney gets it best asshole / Best Control Stand 24 snds agothrough the tens of desire 45 snds agoReddit Allows Syrians to Promote Al-Qaeda 4 mns agoLooking for animated show 8 mns agoBeautiful Kids Do the Emberra Dance 12 mns agoCoal burners to traditional wives 16 mns agowow look at my video I'm youtube famous 21 mns agoSamurai Jack Fan Promo (Ep 1-3) 22 mns agoREFUGEES LEAVING PORTUGAL IN MASS 33 mns ago

Racist gets appropriately punished

Racist gets appropriately punished c, When have yet: been punished fer chewing your atv #:1352335 #2123215 5312252352555122523524 : 55122524155 551225242315: -122522555 :55122525155 :1213532555a: -122535145 at 22535555 5: -1225355535: -122535524 521225351545:.-122535511 at e: -122541155 3: 1 228419955: -122545451 a: -122555115 55122555555 551225545555: -122555552 5: -122551331 :an 22553353 :5: -122555252Work fer typical audited large '' business.

she'll walk it off

she'll walk it off I was out shopping with the wife the otherday when i saw a group of young ladies allwearing mini skirts.I said, "Ooh look at those legs, I bet you wishyou had legs like them?