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The mystical tale of trash

The mystical tale of trash [Spoiler] Today's plotwist 20 hrs agoThe Joker vs The US legal system 21 hrs agoSeems like a good explanation 23 hrs agoWhats Your Favorite Version?23 hrs agoJust your usual merge into traffic (GTAV) 15 hrs agoStay Alaifu For Your Waifu 21 hrs agoLost all Respect for Bill Nye 18 hrs agoJust because I consume more doesn't mean that I should pay more!

unconditional love with trash

unconditional love with trash I thought they took Jontron out of the game?2 mns agolook at the time the posts were made 9 mns agoResponse to Jordan Peterson's comments on MGTOW 16 mns agoReginleif's Mini BollyWood Comp 17 mns agoThe teacher the flirted with me 21 mns agoTexas High School raffles AR-15 21 mns agoPoorly Drawn 23: IS THAT A REFERENCE BRO?

TV calibration 101: How to tune up the picture of your new TV

TV calibration 101: How to tune up the picture of your new TV Usually, by cranking up all the picture settings to the max.For the rest of us, we offer our TV Tune-Up guide to help get you through some of the basic and intermediate self-service TV settings so you can get an awesome picture in just minutes.