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Just to clear things up

Just to clear things up The Racial pay gap is false.Slavery wasn' t invented by white peoplePepe the frog isn' t a hate symbol, just a meme.

Fem Majin Buu comp

Fem Majin Buu comp Not all heroes wear capes 21 hrs agoWhen /fit/ and /lit/ merge.17 hrs agoOmg these are so dumb ill take 20 23 hrs agoAction movies in a nutshell 23 hrs agoKolovol Vagaseext Owakerric 22 hrs ago“Wand of Gamelon isn’t canon” 23 hrs agoActual Liberal Shia Lebeouf 12 hrs agoYou can see the exact moment when he falls in love 23 hrs agoI Think I Know Why Haydee Was Greenlit 22 hrs agoPireablath Ryesla Gakamsompe 20 hrs agoScary stuff comp #16 [morbid] 15 hrs agoher ass is actually small 16 hrs agoWhen mom says dinners ready 22 hrs ago

A Fresh new Bill Nye meme

A Fresh new Bill Nye meme Bill Nye Shilled out to Shaw' sBill Nye Talked about vaginas on aKid' s showBill Nye Claimed that there wasmore than 2 gendersIn the Bill Nye VS Ken HamDebate, Bill Used himself as asource and stole research whichis academic dishonesty andtherefore lost the debate andshould get his degree revoked.


TWO SCOOPS TWO GENDERS TWO TERMS Taming " Ha Ilia.eaa at it, hapin may am,thaw resistant an in and Ilium am ," “HEWsaid.

This genders are getting out of hand

This genders are getting out of hand Schrödinger's Millenials 20 hrs agoThursday's Cute Things - 14/9/2017 20 hrs agoAnon on the concept of zero 21 hrs agoThey couldn't make enough plaques for my fails 15 hrs agoI For One Welcome Our New Fast Food Overlords 11 hrs agouseful for world building.23 hrs ago