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Fresh Off the Boat

Fresh Off the Boat JonTron has already almost recouped his lost subscribers 22 hrs agoPlaytonic banning users for asking for refunds 22 hrs agoDesire for a Dragon [k009 Comic] 20 hrs agoGIVE ME YOUR GREENIES AND NO ONE GETS HURT 23 hrs ago/pol/ figures out why is Japan so based 21 hrs agoFeel good morbid 2; electric boogaloo 20 hrs agoAnon has a unique family tradition 21 hrs agoDank Anime Weebms Part 94 (Long) 23 hrs ago

I guess I'm done?

I guess I'm done? The voice of Samurai "Six-pack, All-Wrath" Jack 22 hrs agoJust me trying to edit stuff 20 hrs agoHe did it the absolute madman 22 hrs agoIt's in black and white because colours are triggering 21 hrs agoPoland wishes he had some Burgers 22 hrs agoHow to win in every debate 23 hrs ago

Geaorge Ciccariello is dumb

Geaorge Ciccariello is dumb hihi tur- ' it Fhmw asSome guy gave up his first class seat for auniformed soldier.Peeple are thanking him.

Pol User Kidnaps His Own Son After Wife Gives Him Estrogen

Pol User Kidnaps His Own Son After Wife Gives Him Estrogen Please console meZimI' m honestly thinking about this.I' m fucking wing right now.

The good ol' days

The good ol' days /pol/ack on the incoming Third World War 23 hrs agoYou think being obese is cute?19 hrs agoWhen you order same day shipping and it's 11:59pm 19 hrs agoWhen someone compliments my holiday cheer 18 hrs agoTruly an Inspiration To Gamers Everywhere 10 hrs agoIs it possible to have a post-apo game without zombies?