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Caru Idrakom Fays Ysce

Caru Idrakom Fays Ysce i Anonymous (ID: é) PI21/ 16( Thu) 20: 56: 36.82139441While we' re at it, can we talkg lillol about these?

/g/ pirates a movie

/g/ pirates a movie 6 is and stopssleave it overnightawait another day, finally at 100%rub hands together, "finally time to watch this movie"instigate to folder230.rarsopen first onearchive is corruptedego to mininova comments to ragewas someone suggest using winrar recoverywinter recovery takes an houramen first tar againssee that the archive contains a 4.

/pol/ enlists /k/ to help capture Shia's next flag.

/pol/ enlists /k/ to help capture Shia's next flag. Hoot!somehow finds out where the flag is using a newly developed form of weaponisedautismslt' s in a guarded bunkers/ pol/ realises they won' t be able to do this aloneHoot!