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Skeletons in the closet

Skeletons in the closet pol/ on Trump's Refugee Ban 21 hrs agoMonday's Cute Things - 30/1/2017 20 hrs ago(Insert franchise here) in a nutshell 23 hrs agoI'm a spider, so what?Ch 14.

King's Game Shenanigans

King's Game Shenanigans We've finally reached the epitome of gaming!13 mns ago/tv/ on using a Death Note 31 mns ago"Stop this misogynistic meme!

Anon gets a haircut

Anon gets a haircut Mudkip's Stolen Memes #96 39 snds agoThe four stages of drinking 1 mn agoSouth Asia 1,300 Dead, 40 Million Impacted 4 mns agoAnn Coulter turns on Trump 6 mns agoCNN vs Trump London terror 9 mns agoA storm glass that forecasts the weather 25 mns agoTHAT BLISTERING 30 FPS COMRADES 28 mns agoKid Capri, Queen Latifah, Tupac Shakur 29 mns agosaber-toothed cat loves belly rubs 35 mns agoJudge Judy is an angel on earth 41 mns ago