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What is the funniest lie to tell kids?

What is the funniest lie to tell kids? Put it to the curb please 8 mns agoLest we ever forget, the boy hero Aitzaz Hasan 13 mns agoSucculent memes with a hint of salt 18 mns ago/g/ook finds the endgame mouse 19 mns agopeople dying Uh Oh edition 25 mns agoAre You Ready For 2020's Election?31 mns agoZombidle : REMONSTERED system req 45 mns agoCursed Images, Get back to suffering 48 mns ago

funniest fact check ever :D

funniest fact check ever :D Get well John Mccain from /pol/ 3 mns agoWhen the teacher says, find two partners 4 mns agoAs a dad, I need to do this 4 mns agoI got a bad feeling about this 20 mns agoI wouldn't believe him either.40 mns agoTrying out doing a comp 1 44 mns agoAnon doesn't know what a goblin is 47 mns ago

Daily dose of knowledge !!

Daily dose of knowledge !! Has anyone seen Wonder Woman yet?22 hrs agoWhen someone apologizes sincerely in the middle of an argument 23 hrs agoSome Anons from /pol/ had some fun with a billboard 12 hrs agoHow to ruin someone's day 22 hrs agoAnon explains the lack of White Walkers in GOT 22 hrs ago