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Copper Dreams Funded, Updates #7-10

The team behind the Copper Dreams Kickstarter campaign has plenty of reasons to be excited today, as the campaign has been fully funded with 37 more hours to go, which means they've raised almost $10,000 since we last checked.While this news is very important, we'd be remiss not to mention that the team has also published four new campaign updates too in the meantime.

The Repopulation Sold to HeroEngine Creators

The Repopulation Sold to HeroEngine Creators We've covered Above and Beyond Technologies' The Repopulation off and on during its development and crowd-funding campaigns, and now it appears that the sci-fi MMORPG , the creators of HeroEngine (which the game was originally powered by).Based on the reviews for , people who funded the original game aren't too happy about everything that has taken place, but hopefully this transaction will prop the game to new heights: