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Don't fuck with Terry

Don't fuck with Terry Alien Isolation: Space Flammenwerfer 12 mns agoThe day that anon went to jail 15 mns agoWhen you find a post you made the day before 24 mns agoMoldovan anon speaks about his town 47 mns agoSkyrim loading screen tips 2 52 mns agoWar thunder - Tutorials-Manual Engine control 57 mns agoWikipedia has been blocked in Turkey 1 hr agoSmooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooke on the water 1 hr agoThis is what happens when I draw with my left hand 1 hr agoBeing the designated driver 1 hr agoKorean badass David Joo discusses L.A riots 1 hr ago

Extremely anti-social trash

Extremely anti-social trash In unrelated news, I celebrated my dog's 17 birthday yesterday.Over the years of owning animals I've learned one thing that everyone who has owned a pet can agree with.