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The European Counter-Summit

The European Counter-Summit Organizers of the conference in Koblenz, billed as a “ counter-summit”, said participants would set out their joint “vision for a Europe of freedom”.I believe that what also brings us together is a rejection of the European Union's laissez-faire policies," she told French radio Classique on Friday.

Why Trump Chose Mike Pence..... (Comp)

Why Trump Chose Mike Pence..... (Comp) REMINDER:Mike Pence is a proponent ofgay conversion therapy, which usestaxpayer money to literally ,the gay out out of teenagers.It' s funny that my worst fear of atrump presidency is this guy assecond in line.

/k/ has a dream about chongs

/k/ has a dream about chongs File: IE (83 KB, 407x6001Had this one awhile backIn my dreammet home from workoopen front doorwee two roommates bound to dining room chairs and gaggedsitting in back to meroommates look got beaten and shitman turns to meomega Ching Ching buck teeth and Tojo glasses and everythingOharro Mists Anon.why don' t you has a seat righ heawee gun in his hand so I comply (In dream I am not carrying buil know I have gun underneath kitchen table for some reason)we starts telling me he would like to purchase my housesay that' s nice and all but I am a renter notthe ownercontinues repeating about buying houseam already fucking angry and getting more pissedgguy starts dropping little matches on floor but they don' t go out, starting these little slow fireswe says ooh you Bookin mad now Mists anon why you not do something bout it little fuckamun too far awayon shelf right behind mebreach for bottle and throw it at himmisses and shatters my windowwe laughs and says more mom Fuck you more!

Reddit is cleaning up its public front page for new users

Reddit is cleaning up its public front page for new users What they won’t see are posts from NSFW communities and adult subreddits, communities that are commonly filtered from the default front page by members, and the subreddits that have chosen to opt out of the front page altogether.More: App attack: Flipboard’s big update tailors magazines just for you Reddit has fittingly dubbed the new page r/popular, whereas in the past it was called r/all.

STMMC 15:Going out of Business

STMMC 15:Going out of Business On the command ‘get set,’ assume the front-leaning rest position by placing your hands where they are comfortable for you.Then, return to the starting position by raising your entire body until your arms are fully extended.

See photojournalism evolve across the front pages of the New York Times

See photojournalism evolve across the front pages of the New York Times When the New York Times first launched in 1851, photography was still in its infancy, with daguerreotypes the primary medium of the era — but as the camera evolved, so did the newspaper.Josh Begley, a self-described “data artist” and app developer, recently put every front page image from the New York Times into a one-minute video.