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people dying, when it pours it rains

people dying, when it pours it rains people dying, when it pours it rains 2 girls streaming on Facebook going 180 km/h.Driver dead, passenger severely injured Your browser does not support the video tag.

Autism is just Shitty Parenting

Autism is just Shitty Parenting Put a child in front of a his whole infancy to watch people whoare completely unaware of his existence and nayer look at him inthe eyes We completely unrealistic MIS'.for his amusement.

Curny Ysirea Escur Gevemalu

Curny Ysirea Escur Gevemalu Clinton under investigation: News from the other side 27 snds agoNeed some help 2: Electric Boogaloo 3 mns agoError heart.exe has stopped working 21 mns agoMint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream 24 mns agoAnon trolls women with a Chad account 43 mns agoI laughed, but it hurt a little 44 mns agoWell once is never enough 53 mns agoEd Sheeran's cameo in the movie "her" 54 mns agoIs The Pizza Guy Still Here?

why are you like this

why are you like this a good reason to play tekken 2 mns agoMemes with a spiciness of around 20 scolville units 36 mns agoTake a rest friend.I shall deal with this 42 mns agoReal Life Stop Motion Combined With Legos 46 mns agoWhich suicide made you happier?


Rick And Morty Anatomy Park Game 30 snds agoWeapon Design Competition 2 mns agoHowdy, I'm the Sheriff of What in Cenation 10 mns agoBig ass TTS comp PT4 FINAL 13 mns agoUpdate on American drawing 2 26 mns agoMudkip's Stolen Memes #71 31 mns agoRGBots: Tips for Suicide and Online Dating 44 mns agoa great british tradition 49 mns agoWhat Are You Going To Do Ban Me?52 mns agoMemes shaken, not stirred 53 mns ago

When l made him cry

When l made him cry The mat time I made my father cry''I asked my dad if I have ever made him cry infront of me before.because I don 't rememberever seeing him cry.

I'm pregnant babe

I'm pregnant babe WATCHOUT This Zombie Has Come For Your Life Force 3 mns agoRinoftec Wesumyt Abyttupedu 15 mns agoHave You Watched The New Overwatch Short?20 mns agoSave the nick, do it quick 36 mns agoThursday's Cute Things - 24/8/2017 53 mns agoKendal's cute furry stuff 3: femdom edition 1 hr agoReaching Frontpage 3 sample 1 hr agoAttack Of the Manticore Extra SFW Edition 1 hr agoWhen your girlfriend farts on you 1 hr ago