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/x/ Skinwalker likes fruit

/x/ Skinwalker likes fruit e.ausfagelided in the bush fer most of my life till just recentlyagewe few friends andl are chilling at a trail that gees into a very steep gullyWe nighttimeeditting in my ear listening to music quietlybwindows down, breathing in that warm summer airermee hearing small rustling in the afew meters awayin the passengers seat asks ifhe can hearths rustlingeBay "Yeah its probablement er something.

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Bring Friends Teaser

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Bring Friends Teaser Gearing up for the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con, the folks at Visionary Realms have released a new teaser for their upcoming MMO - Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen.It emphasizes, in a rather cheesy manner, that RPGs are most memorable when they're enjoyed with friends.

Gypsydude Wants Da Tiddy

Gypsydude Wants Da Tiddy Taking a body out of a Sherman tank 3 mns agoKeep Those Teeth Clean COMP 4 mns agothere is only one true masterrace 23 mns agoRepublican's Plot To Kill Medicare 26 mns agoboogie's wife leaving him 42 mns agoyehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 47 mns agothe force is strong in this one 51 mns ago

Close Encounters of Shoebill Kind

Close Encounters of Shoebill Kind North Korea being totalitarian is only propaganda by the west 4 mns agofunniest fact check ever :D 6 mns ago>mfw just found out that admin was an kill 10 mns agoTom Clancy's Battlegrounds 11 mns agoRemember the Younger Version of Yugi’s Grandpa 18 mns agoMaster and Margarita Music 21 mns agofeels good to get this off my chest 34 mns agoFallout 4 Parody: Part 5 - Let's Do This 36 mns ago

Blog Post #34 – July 25, 2017

Blog Post #34 – July 25, 2017 Here’s a scene preview from next week’s episode, ‘Time After Time!How did you all do in the Badge Marathon?

Anon has good fingers

Anon has good fingers File: (358 KB, 512x288)IT year old mekaylol had one of her friends overkaylol' s friend was 23, Vietnamese and hot as hellkwe' II call her Mariekln my room playing alonessomeone knocks on the doorkl tell them to come inkit' s Mariekthe wanted to see what I was doingkl keep my speakers pretty loud so I figured it was because of the noisekl show her the gameAabout 8 minutes in she says its really coldkl keep my room around () so not surprisinggets up and crawls into my bedkl continue playing my gameAafter about 2 songs she asks a questionWhat are you still doing over there, Anona"kl respond in confusionWell, where else am I supposed to be?Are you really that scared?

Ted you fucking moron

Ted you fucking moron Looks like Lisa is Enjoying Herself 5 mns agoDo Not Fist Android Girls 6 mns agoUS president bans Transgender from joining the military 8 mns agoWe’re a long way from Texas … 13 mns agoDoseittuc Nopluni Cietachu 14 mns agoFallout: New Vegas- True Ending 33 mns agothings got a little weird last night 43 mns ago