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Anon didn't get an STD

Anon didn't get an STD HT: School green textssin athleticskkinda paperweight, but biggieshave a mire as a friend inathletics tooeveryone else is a jockppeople begin to talk about arumor of a huge partysupprisingly, we get invitationsmay rolls aroundffriend and I decide to skip party play and tradepokemonsthere was a big orgywhen the next day everyone that went to theparty got STEMthey are no Zenger fertilePikemen saved myself from a serious STD

Anon was weird in high school

Anon was weird in high school Anonymous 14 February 2017 ' Tuesday.5: 45 PM inThis reminds me of a time I was in highschoolaround with my friend in PLC (Basicallyfind some other friends outside one of the restrooms against the wall2-" Dude this guy went in there and has stayed in there for like 9 minutes.