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Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast

Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast sedge fer heme.scock weeping prac um everywhereppoint of no returnkeister and her friend bust into my reemfreeze staring at me furiously beating efft stop because past point tof returnwere it comesslew grunt as the first thick rope sheets like 3 feet in the air and splashes acre's my leg and hits the flew nearthemmeet tof the chefs land en my stomach and crotchoonce i finish they quickly leave the reemhence post orgasmic bliss wears eff completely stratifiedmister never mentions it but sisters friend teld all her friendsuse next time i saw her she called me

Spaghetti leaking out of Anons pocket

Spaghetti leaking out of Anons pocket ITT: Awkward generaloover at a friend' s on a SaturdaynightUnaware watchingstarts cuddling up close to mebah lord here we go463 KB We shigure I' ll put my arm around hershoulders, and try to relaxsstill tensed up while we watch atsshe notices and asks if something is wrongup what I was thinking and what I meant tosay, end up leaking at her, smiling, and saying "Inever asked for this."sphaghetti starts leaking out of my pocketsshigure I' ll W ta the washburn and give theawkwardness time ta go awayhas I walk eff to pee I mix up again and say ''I' mjust gonna hide in here until you forget what I said.

Anons friend isnt gay

Anons friend isnt gay El Anonymous / 17( ) [Reply] Fbbe me 20 years oldshaving fun with some friends and spend the night with themasleep next to a close friend and we start talking about dumb shiteuwe talk about girls and then he DBEHS up to me and says he want he kiss meIn feel uncomfortable and tell him "mi'We says sorry and tells me that he' s not gay