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Blessed be The Emperor

Blessed be The Emperor E Anonymous (ID: () 'oiih' iilrecord serated*record scratch*freeze frayne*yep that' s me in the middlethereso I guess you' re wonderinghow I got in this position, huh?welt), it' s a funny story reallyr: and if you want, I' ll guide you through the wholething, so hold on tight!

Remember When Cranky Took Over NoA?

Remember When Cranky Took Over NoA? WITHDonkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Reviewtrinary" ,Dull, ternative level designEmploys some cheap and frustrating trial-: 5Harm during bees battlesbft Nintendo of America Fit',t 'timm?YOU ASKED: Haw add are you,aiight" "NNW'g!