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anon makes a friend

anon makes a friend Anonymous ) 12: 24: 32 No.34:sbe metit after 2 yearsmet on tinder and post pics of my abs etcattatches are loving itHeat forward two weeksween out with at girls, meeting another that nightmet to bar, she doesn' t look like picturestuck it, it' s easy tangshave a couple drinks and then 1 ask to go back to her placeaha is really into itmet a cab and I finger her in the backback to her place in harlemfucking brother is on the CouchHay "oh hehey how are you doing man"she looks up and gruntsknotice he' s playing MESHpstart talking with him about vidya while girl tries to drag me into her roomI spent on drinks and cab fare to play 1/ idya with the girl' s brother for It hoursGot his number, should I text him today?

Anon goes for a jog

Anon goes for a jog Anonymous ( Sun) 18: 05: 43I think I fucked up todaybbe mewe going for a jog in the park on my restdaythugging forward faster than everpprobably gonna be new PR36 KB we this shortlisting girl in my waywho' s looking at her phonewant to cut the corner so I keep running the way i' mcurrently goingmdoing too well to move out of the way, as I' d have toslow downinkjet closer, realize she hasn' t seen meLyell "MOVE THE FUCK AWAY!" as i run right into herbi weigh about 180 pounds, she probably weighedmaybe 100 pounds, at mosttthe scream startled her so much she dropped herphonerun on her phone, probably cracked it toorel run right into her, knocking her overbit was concrete where i ran into heraactually heard a sort of "smack" or "thump" can' t reallyremember, but i definitely heard something a split secondafter i hit herjpgllook behind messhe' s not movingscared to go back nowtjust keep running homerread in local news the next day that girl was rushed tohospital with a bad concussion after being foundyesterdayWill I go to jail for this?

Anon looks forward to moving to Japan

Anon looks forward to moving to Japan Elliotexplicit - More Than Just Memes 4 mns ago#YouTubeJail : 4Chan Organizes Pushback 19 mns agowapo actually calls them "peaceful right wing" and calls out anti 24 mns agodon't repeat others mistakes 37 mns agoyou recognize this don't you.37 mns agoxcom 2, war of the chosen.