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Anon has a fetish.

Anon has a fetish. Li Anonymous 07/' 10/ 17( Mon) 07: 44: 52 [Reply] Phalp /b/I' m straight, but I fap to gay my found outforgot to go into goddamn incognito mode, page showedup in chrome' s start screen).

please don't leave me

please don't leave me Owner surprises dog after living away in New York for a while 2 mns agoGuys texting there girlfriends while buying tampons 7 mns agoSocialism in Germany (short version) 18 mns agoNot your average battlefield replay 20 mns agoNicki Minaj asks a question 22 mns agoBig Bang theory but Ricky Gervais is the only one laughing 23 mns agoThe craziest sport you've never heard of, Sepak Takraw 27 mns agoLapis gets along well with Sharks 31 mns agoBaby squirrel befriends pet cat 32 mns agoOne Piece 20th Anniversary 34 mns ago

DnD Comics: Old Campaign

DnD Comics: Old Campaign Drunk man cries during Oscar in memorium 14 mns agoWalking to Walmart for Lunchables.27 mns agoShe's so into you though.

All-New D&D Comp #1

All-New D&D Comp #1 I won't leave you without your fix of D&D goodness but you will have to be patient.You've got Trash-Panda, Room of Stuff & Fact Iguana to keep your brains docile.

Cursed Food, make sure you don't fucking eat today

Cursed Food, make sure you don't fucking eat today Your browser does not support the video tag.Your browser does not support the video tag.

Nature Is Fucking Awesome 2

Nature Is Fucking Awesome 2 Your browser does not support the video tag."****, I forgot my phone in the car.

people dying, I forgot a title

people dying, I forgot a title Michael Wyder crashes and gets some serious DEJA VU and then ******* burns to death ISIS fighter tries to run but is gunned downed by Iraqi military A tour bus takes a tour of the bottom of a river, killing 17 Runaway Gas tanker kills 3 after hitting a car trying to pass Car is tag teamed by 2 trucks, one hitting it into the path of the otherbot the driver and passenger died US military Flamethrower soldier is gunned down shortly after arriving at normandy Bike explodes on impact with a car and the driver gets launched into the aironly to land in said fire middle aged man is targeted by terrorists and has a bomb planted in his car Family of 3 killed when driver refuses to slow down

Picture Taken 9/10/01

Picture Taken 9/10/01 Govesuent Daitro Ironolsedo 3 mns agoAmnesiac Bakugou Part 4 and 5 6 mns agoNuclear Reaction US threatens actions against UN doing business 10 mns agoKing Crimson comp for kingtimeeraser 13 mns agoAnon didn't pay attention to detail 15 mns agoThe Apocalypse Brings Out the Best in People 15 mns ago/sci/ bikes home from university 22 mns agoIf You Live in Freedom, Thank the British Empire 30 mns ago