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Antifa wants to invade /pol/

Antifa wants to invade /pol/ Antifa is trying to assimilatedin 2 pointsthere is no other option for us,Elf course there is: Take over fool!moot first you need to lurk u to learn their tensions and weak points.

You can't fool me

You can't fool me Kayshec Xivakn Zyshaneend 15 mns agoWhy Aren't You Wealthy Now?17 mns agoNever Trust An Anime Avatar 19 mns ago"Toddlers Understand Consent" 23 mns agoCh Ch Ch Check your Privilege 24 mns agoPhone Calls in a nutshell 32 mns agoZire Mustantex Worlouspar 35 mns agoGoing to the gym is Right Wing Extremism 36 mns agocupcake price based on race 39 mns agoGidecer Anei Pospo Emamman 40 mns ago

Dark souls comp #47

Dark souls comp #47 The inventively named Sea Girl 15 mns agoPolly want you to back up 33 mns agoMoney.NiTW or TF2 items?