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Anon is a metal gear enthusiast

Anon is a metal gear enthusiast ea couple of months ago31258 folder of Metal Gearwhen we fuck I directly quote shit from Metal Gear gamesyou' re pretty good" and shit like thatbin a relationship fora monthsRome back homemail her namemo responseinto my roomewes sitting in front of my computer.watching MGSV trailershat the fuck are you do-"iunderstand what happenedewe alt tabs to the folder.

My webm folder Part 6

My webm folder Part 6 Suptir Fadsovotu Uptousep 1 mn agoToday was gonna be the day 1 mn agowhite Christian men mass shooters 1 mn agoEU Hates Populism and the People's Will 5 mns agoAnd after all You're my wonderwall 6 mns agoGumshoos did nothing wrong 9 mns agoYou're gonna be the one that saves me 11 mns ago