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Doomfist’s Daily Life

Doomfist’s Daily Life Get a chance to WIN $100 worth of Chinese Lessons 4 mns agoPringles Spain, everyone.8 mns ago/pol/ discovers the wondrous joys of the Somali Language 27 mns agoA Work of Historical Fiction 48 mns agoHazama's Troll Booth (Blazen!

Hurricane Irma Public Advisory

Hurricane Irma Public Advisory Nicholas to Port-Au-PrinceA Hurricane Warning means that hurricane conditions are expectedsomewhere within the warning area.A Hurricane Watch means that hurricane conditions are possiblewithin the watch area.

Bunny Cracks the code

Bunny Cracks the code Three dead white girls -- Four fellas explaining why they did it 1 mn agoPhotos banned by the USSR 4 mns agoGonna need epic entrance music 15 mns agoBlind woman feels bodybuilders muscles 19 mns agoMadusa Miceli (ch) vs.Wendi Richter (AWA 1988-09-17) 21 mns agoIRMA IS GOING TO DEVASTATE THE US - FEMA HEAD WARNS 28 mns ago