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mother finds anon's meme stash

mother finds anon's meme stash Yesterday, I finally got my chance to discover what was going on when he left his laptopunlocked and I was astonished at what I found.My son' s 'Pictures' folder is truly immense, containing many tens of thousands of images,Of these, roughly a third appear to be of standard meme and reaction images (althoughfairly obscure by the standards of an old fogey like myself), another third are of Japaneseanimated women, and the final third are appallingly racist.

Even A Blind Squirrel...

Even A Blind Squirrel... Home , Circ, dmf," timr,Milla; and ili@ ilgiliTrump is absolutely rig ht about SwedenNWT.when he tweeted about immigration til Sweden few days ago.

/x/ finds furries in the woods

/x/ finds furries in the woods 97144 (OP)years old in collegewinstead of going to class id regulatory get drunk/ high and wander arounds get degrees bitchesffucking around drunk and or high, stay in the wooded sections of campus as not to be botheredwander a bit too far to the typical "there are satanists, murders, gay homeless orgies in that part of the woods"wont see anything too suspicious, but hear faint musicit to a clearing, into a damn Fury partyacomplete with a boom box of shitty techno music, drinks, coolers and about a dozen fur suitsdmusic stops, they all turn to stare at meacomplete silence as my giggling stoned ass watches from a bushtthe presumed leader steps forward and points at meYOU.should not be here"Pooint back and say YOU shouldnt be dressed like a fucking gay squirreltthey give chase, I literally run circles around them between the trees and then up a hillanone of them make it because theyre weighed down by their suits and their parents disappointmentonto to my dorm, tell my friends, word gets around and the campus police step up searches in the areaMeyer hear anything else other then some rumors that a fury committee was trying to organize but nobody wanted to come out as a furyftfw out of my four years this is the best college story I have

/pol/ enlists /k/ to help capture Shia's next flag.

/pol/ enlists /k/ to help capture Shia's next flag. Hoot!somehow finds out where the flag is using a newly developed form of weaponisedautismslt' s in a guarded bunkers/ pol/ realises they won' t be able to do this aloneHoot!

Anon finds a glitch in the system.

Anon finds a glitch in the system. talo.56 minutes agoJPG 83.