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Guys be like 'why cant i find anybody'

4 Shareshared Scrolli King' s photo.MAin' t 2 many chicks out herethat' s gon ride witchu & struggleI - __ _ - shared Amman Shaylah' e photo.

Antifa Cuck Tries Ruining Based Stick Man's Marriage

Antifa Cuck Tries Ruining Based Stick Man's Marriage ,we like " Ct: Emmett -‘F werettaTeena: G.I gain bunch "his It and We person ears there mamtmm, we up a manage?

two sides of cringe

two sides of cringe This will never be breaking news 18 hrs agoHow does Merkel sleep at night?19 hrs agoBulgarians removing illegal kebabs 12 hrs agoLeaf defend America against a "world power" 13 hrs agoShell puppy and his new toy 16 hrs agoWould you go out with me?

i know the feeling

i know the feeling Where can I find an episode of "Avatar: The Last Airbender" dubbedin Japanese, then redoubled in English?Yes, I do know that it first aired in English, but I kinda need to see the Japanese dub of it, preferably with subtitles.

The internet is amazing

The internet is amazing When you' re casually browsing the deep webyou suddenly find [ of [til.

Indian Anon pooing on Japanon

Indian Anon pooing on Japanon Some thing you always repost.21 hrs ago/r9k/ goes to the library 03/14/2017Anon talks about the glories of Rome.