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I'd watch this

I'd watch this a game show where a toddler haste choosebetween a cheque for a million dollars or a smallbasket filled with.14 werth of dollar store tearsand in the earner of the be you can see theirparents in a locked sound proofread watchingfrom a screen and screaming the whole timeSeems:eases net's c', C

Police officer saves woman trapped

Police officer saves woman trapped Spokane police officer saves woman trapped in burning carPolice say when the officer arrived, the woman's car was filled with smoke.The officer had to break the window out with the help of a neighbor to save the woman.

Filled with Creamy Justice

Filled with Creamy Justice Litch'DONUT SHOP l USA l BIGOTRY, FOOD & DRINKCustomer: "I' d like a donut"Me: "What kind would you like?"Customer: *poiints out the donuts "But usetongs to pick it up.

Expeditions: Viking Final Beta and More

Expeditions: Viking Final Beta and More The February Expeditions: Viking newsletter is filled with pre-release excitement.First, it details Logic Artists' experience at the recent PC Gamer Weekender with a bunch of photos and a few videos.