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/v/irgin responds to news about hl3 demise

/v/irgin responds to news about hl3 demise jpg (30 KB, 300x259)Anonymous (( Fri) 22: F 44 Godspeed, ano lBest of luck anon.Less than a week left about.

/b/tard gets a tattoo machine

/b/tard gets a tattoo machine MI File: IMG 20170826 180209 Fti] I"_ igg (543 KB, 1536x1536)My gt just bought a tattoo machine and I' m having a blast, give me tattoo ideasPic related, first tattoo I' ever made.MI Showing all replies.

Anon programs Dwarf Fortress

Anon programs Dwarf Fortress File: (198 KB, 550x535)Ll Anonymous ( Pled) 14: 09: 39 _bbe mesmilely autistic but not too hadclass EDGElitterally neuter do anything, just play Dwarf Fortress on the shit tier computersTreacher never noticesGeetting close to the end inclass.literally haven' t done more than a quarter of the assignmentsTreacher comes Cyl/ EV" to my computer to check off my assignmentsasks where my projects areI done most of them.

Canon ending to New Vegas

Canon ending to New Vegas Is there acumen ending in Fallout: New Vegas?I Anonymous (( Thu) 18:.

anon has a kid

anon has a kid File: literally.igg [131 KB, 358x5001bbe mepresently got married to a solid messhe wants kids right awaybeets hellishEl monthsonthe waybin the waiting room because i couldnt handle ithas babybmfv I see my child forthe first timebeeld hershy could name the baby anything she wantedShe tells the lectorthat her name is Lovemet a many er anythingbl‘ m not a huge fan, but, fuck it, I promised herIO yearsbbaby is growing upcomes back hem school cryingS wrongssays she' s being bullied because effer nameShe dresses nermalAlways wears red nail polishis shysshe is still mocked constantly because effer nesse ordinary namesshe comes home from schoolobviously disturbedbasic her W' s about her namesshe says nothingajust kisses me en the cheek and leavesatiest time she has kissed me since she was a babyberthingbean pulling inis home early hem workblear deer e'en hem daughters roomevens hem garagebleed blaster's eff directly behind methe groundleeks at me and screamsbi leek dawn and see bullet through my chestblew says something about her namebl leek up at my still beautiful wifeheartband yeu' rete blamebyea gave lovebad name

Firewatch Dev promises to file false DMCA claims against Pewdz

Firewatch Dev promises to file false DMCA claims against Pewdz I?Antwort anI am sick of this child getting more and more chances to make money off of whatwe make.

/x/ You're not my friend!

/x/ You're not my friend! File: (227 KB, 390x300)FIT: Spooky personal experiencesbbe me, driving down back mad with my friend at nightI gotta take a shit, can yeu pull up somewhere?upto a gas station nut in fucking nowhereruiend rushes into stationnut in the small let right nexter the stationpstart fucking around en my phoneChick lighter afew timesamazement out ofthe Lerner of my eyedent see anything but blacknessChairs stand up en endmissus Christ friend, take a shit and lets fuckingsleek in rearview mirrorsees friendsleek at him closeryhis face doesn' t seem normalssomething is very wrongshe gets in the caryhe' s completely silentas hellkl suddenly get a textin my seatwe my friend meshe' s asking ifi want anything fram the storeIS IN MY CAR, TS NOT MY FRIENDTennessee I have to pissmet nut effer slowlyreprint to storeHun up to my friend, who is browsing the gumthere is entente in Mercer as I panics we both drop eur shit and run outsidewe ene is in the car, the deer is epinewe slide into my car and peel nut in the parking letI haven' t gone back to that place since, and nothing like that has happened since.