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Pocket Fi Cute Comp

Pocket Fi Cute Comp pol/ on Trump's Refugee Ban 22 hrs agoMonday's Cute Things - 30/1/2017 20 hrs ago(Insert franchise here) in a nutshell 23 hrs agoMemorable Bosses of DSIII 23 hrs agoI'm a spider, so what?Ch 14.

Project Fi customers will get better call clarity thanks to Voice over LTE

Project Fi customers will get better call clarity thanks to Voice over LTE A post on Google’s Project Fi Help Forum confirmed what some users already suspected: The company has begun testing Voice over LTE for a limited group of subscribers.What is more, the data used during calls will not count against Project Fi users’ allocation.

More Souls-inspired art

More Souls-inspired art Black Twitter Compilation #89 22 hrs agopol/ realizes how tolerant feminist are 18 hrs agov discusses armor in video games 19 hrs agoblack history month is over 20 hrs agoHow am I supposed to eat this pizza without my drink?12 hrs agoRuby Played by an Angry Marine 14 hrs agoFinnish Thighs *Unflagged 22 hrs agoIt's not too late to change 11 hrs agoShould Have Gotten An Oscar Right Then 13 hrs agoCargos Yssivnopis Kacrund 03/01/2017/ourguy/ Michael from Vsauce 18 hrs agoThe guy is pondering the possibilities.

ALONETOGETHER/Shia's chuckshed

ALONETOGETHER/Shia's chuckshed From 12 April 2017, LaBeouf, Rönkkö & Turner will spend a month in three remote cabins somewhere in Lapland, entirely cut off from other people.A video link to a small cabin installed in the gallery is their only point of contact with the outside world.

The most humilating defeat

The most humilating defeat Ll Anonymous (ID: "What nation has historically served the most humiliating defeat?Click here to ViewFile: erna_ ipg (23 KB, 320x352)Date ‘Location Gammon.