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Cap America got Sexually Assaulted

A woman grabbedhim in his photo op and full on tongue kissed himwithout his permission and without warning.He had apanic attack and Wizard World had to pull Tom andChris Hemsworth to calm him down.

Hermione's new movie flops, makes $61

Hermione's new movie flops, makes $61 Ticket prices at the venues suggest that only seven people paid to see the film," theBritish website reported.The film' s distributor, Signature Entertainment, downplayed the depressing ticket sales,noting that the movie' s target audience was simultaneous viewers who' dwatch The Colony on their laptops.

Lol get fucked feminist.

Lol get fucked feminist. Feminists don' t want my opinion becauseit' s reexplaining but they want my 13 ‘H’ 441Mark Dice f.

BOOM!'s Lady Castle is a Fantasy Come True

BOOM!'s Lady Castle is a Fantasy Come True Woods (Niobe: She Is Life) for a rollicking fantasy adventure featuring women reclaiming their lives on their terms.It takes a lot of work and energy for a story to get me despite the genre, and Lady Castle seems to be shaping up to do exactly that.

Before and after feminism

Before and after feminism ” She has transformed into a girl who looks like she has cancer or some other systemic disease.From a cute girl-next-door who looks like she would be a fine mother to some type of animalistic exhibitionist with smelly hair.