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Feeling down to the ground

Feeling down to the ground Why you shouldn't be eating hotdogs 4 mns agoGet the internet!For those GTA4 fans 4 mns agoHi finnally did it, i got a GF!

D&D Remix comp #18

D&D Remix comp #18 Big thanks to 'damnedsergal' for choosing the name 'Sera' for our new baby ferret.This is one of our two new bastards, he's called 'Ripper', and he's smaller than his sister!

Nasa's feeling the benefits of Trump

Nasa's feeling the benefits of Trump I'd walk through an electric fence just to cuddle up with you 5 mns agoLagu aceh terbaru bergek gitu-gitu 32 mns agoVaito Wolu Laytod Meccuslo 41 mns agoBecause, if you look closely enough, things begin to appear 46 mns agoLittle problems require little measures 48 mns agoObscure Japanese history.52 mns ago

Anon wants to get roasted

5 Anonymous 08/ 16/ 47( Wed) tyw :21 :44I am feeling the need to be roasted.Don' t hold back.

Anon on that feeling..

Anon on that feeling.. Excerpt from Shillary's new book - Nothing Personnel 2 mns agojudasmercy wholesome comp 5 5 mns agoWhen you're with your best friend but seiba came along 15 mns agoDuglodabli Exco Lamacioki 24 mns agoUntaro Vedre Lavo Fochelocu 29 mns agoWist Gemeil Veexpa Ytiagl 29 mns agoFeminism is a terrorist organization.(Read description).

Demon mother and her son ch. 26

Demon mother and her son ch. 26 Didn't know they had twitter in Saudi Arabia 22 mns agoFrance Vegan activists slam butchers and fishermen in Paris rally 37 mns agoHello darkness my old friend.51 mns agoLabelle is an eternal source of cringe 59 mns agoBASED METALHEAD TELLS TRUTH!